Our people define who we are.

The only way to become the best healthcare facility for professionals and patients alike is to hire the best staff. The kind of person who chooses healthcare as a career because it is a calling. Because it is the only thing they ever wanted to do. These are the kinds of nurses and allied health professionals who are extremely competent and who continually want to be challenged, to be able to fulfill that inherent desire to heal, to help, to learn, to grow.

At NCH, we recognize and encourage that kind of mindset when it comes to patient care. And we do everything we can to make sure our people are compensated on every level. That means providing the resources and empowering the behavior that results in excellent patient outcomes. It also means making sure our people have the kind of progressive and comprehensive education and benefits support that lets them know how deeply they're appreciated.

It's a unique environment. An atmosphere where ideas flourish. Where your thinking and insights are welcome.

So if healthcare is your calling, you’ve come to the right place.

NCH ranks locally and nationally.

According to Health Grades, Inc., a leading independent evaluator of healthcare service outcomes, NCH ranks:
  • #1 in Florida for Cardiac Services and Cardiology Services
  • Top 5% nationally for Overall Clinical Excellence
  • Top 5% nationally for Women's Health Services and Women's Cardiac Services
  • Top 5% nationally for Overall Cardiac Services