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The NCH Healthcare System is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. To ensure the success of this commitment, we must be financially responsible. We take a positive and proactive approach to patient billing and collections with the goal of receiving payment for services rendered in the most efficient, timely and customer-friendly manner possible and keeping patients’ out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.



Medical Bills
Dealing with medical bills is never a pleasant task. However, NCH Healthcare System (NCH) Patient Accounts Department will do everything we can to assist you in understanding your charges and assisting you to determine what your insurance coverage provides, or if you don’t have insurance, what options may be available.

We are committed to filing your claims accurately and timely with Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party insurance carriers. If you do not have insurance, with your assistance, we will work with you to identify programs which you may qualify for that will pay some or all of the charges you have incurred. If this is not possible, we have a number of options for you to choose in order to satisfy your outstanding bills with us.

Please take the time to read through the information below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. We can help.


Your Financial Responsibilities
NCH accepts responsibility for providing you with high quality medical services. We ask that you accept responsibility for paying for those services in a timely manner.

It is essential for you to know if your insurance requires pre-certification in order for payment to be made for your services. Please notify your physician if pre-certification is required prior to any elective tests or procedures. Please help us to protect you from having your insurance claim denied for failure to pre-certify. This may result in reduced benefits or denial of your insurance claim all together.

The patient (or guarantor such as spouse, parent, etc.) is ultimately responsible for the charges incurred for tests and/or treatments received at our facilities. Even after insurance has made payment for services provided, some charges typically remain to be paid by the patient, whether they are services not covered by insurance, co-insurance, or deductibles.

Payment and Financing Options:

If you have no insurance coverage, you are eligible to receive a 40% discount from the total billed charges for your services if the discounted balance is paid in full within 60 days. (Patient requested private room or Gulfview Suite, cosmetic procedures and patient convenience charges are not discounted). Depending on your financial status, a greater discount or charity may apply.

The statements you will receive following your service will reflect a discounted amount due. We will accept that amount as full payment if the amount is received within 60 days. Payment can be made by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, on our website at or check by phone at (239) 624-6400 or (800) 436-8454.

Revolving Credit with a Financial Institution (FI)
If you are unable to pay the amount in full within 60 days, you may be eligible for a 25% discount from the total billed charges if you are approved for our financing option. Please contact us within 60 days and we will refer your account to an FI for evaluation. This is NOT a collection agency. If you qualify, you will receive notification when the account has been assigned. Under this program, patients may make interest-free monthly payments for six months. If a patient is unable to pay the balance in full within six months, the FI will charge interest on the remaining balance at the rate of .0083% monthly (10% APR). The FI will send a statement each month with the minimum payment listed on the statement. The FI requires 4% of the balance, or $20.00, (whichever is greater) as a minimum monthly payment. The account can be paid in full at any time with no penalty.

Based on the criteria used by the FI, if you do not qualify for financing under this program or choose not to finance, a lesser discount will apply on the balance that remains outstanding after 60 days. In either event, further collection efforts will result.

Charity Care is Available for those who qualify
After reviewing an individual’s ability to pay, if it is determined that the patient’s/guarantor’s family income and assets are within 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, financial assistance may be provided. To make certain that appropriate resources are offered to patients, NCH considers each request individually. This may include a review of federal tax returns, current pay stub verification, and/or a denial of third party benefits, if applicable.

  Application for Financial Aid

  Formulario Financiero

If you are covered by Medicare, we will file your claim for you. If you have a Medicare supplemental policy, upon our receipt of payment from Medicare we will bill your supplemental carrier as well.

Florida Medicaid
We work with several organizations that can assist you with qualifying for Medicaid benefits or local county assistance programs. We have staff available to take your application and assist you with the process of obtaining these benefits. Please advise the registration staff or call 624-3600 (for NCH North Naples Hospital, call 552-8300) to obtain assistance with this process or to obtain information on the requirements for qualifying for Florida Medicaid. Our staff can translate in all languages so please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

If you are currently covered by Florida Medicaid, upon verification of your eligibility we will submit your claim. If your Florida Medicaid eligibility is pending, once eligibility is determined, please contact us at (239) 624-6400 with your Medicaid number.

Third Party Insurance
If you are covered by commercial insurance, a managed care plan or other third party insurance, we will file your claims for you as a courtesy. You are responsible for any out-of-pocket deductible or co-payment amounts.

Workers Compensation and Auto Claims
NCH will bill these claims directly to the appropriate insurance company on the individual’s behalf. Payment will be made directly to NCH.

Report Claims:
It is very important that individuals report these claims to the employer/auto insurance agency so that a claim number is assigned.

Provide Information:
At time of registration, we require the name of the employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier or the auto insurance carrier. If this information is not available, it is very important that you call our office at (239) 624-6400 or 1 (800) 436-8454 and provide us with the name and address of the insurance carrier along with the claim number and/or policy number. This will insure proper billing of the claim on the patient’s behalf. In accordance with workers’ compensation regulations, failure to provide this information within 10 days following the service will result in the patient/guarantor becoming the responsible party for all charges.

Physician's Services
When obtaining tests or treatments at any NCH Healthcare System facility, patients may receive separate bills from physicians who provided services during the patient encounter. Examples include the emergency room physicians, radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, your attending physician and consulting physicians. Billing and collection policies for physician services are at their discretion and not the NCH Patient Accounts Department.