NCH North Naples Hospital
11190 Health Park Boulevard
Naples FL 34110

Admission Office: 239-552-7222
(8am -5pm daily)

Nurses Station: 239-552-7860

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Frequently Asked Questions…

•What would a typical day be like on rehab?

A typical day starts with getting up and re-establishing your morning routine, then off to therapy. There is a mid-day break coordinated around lunch, and then back to therapy for afternoon sessions. As a rehab hospital patient you will receive a minimum of three hours of therapy a day, with additional sessions on the weekends, unless prescribed a modified program by your physician.

•When can my family & friends come to see me?

Support from family & friends serves as an essential part of the rehabilitation process. While we encourage support, it is important that the patient has the opportunity to fully participate in the rehab program. Social visits are recommended after 4pm daily.

•Can I get on-line while I’m in the hospital?

Yes! You can also set up a homepage through the NCH website to post updates on your recovery to family & friends. Ask the concierge staff about how to do this.

•What clothing items will I need to bring?

An essential part of rehabilitation is re-establishing your daily routine. Dressing is an important aspect of feeling like yourself. Recommended clothing & personal items  include:
  • Casual shirts/blouses with button fronts, or pullovers that fit easily overhead.
  • Button front sweaters.
  • Comfortable slacks or shorts with elastic waistbands/belts or sweat pants/suits.
  • Athletic shoes with Velcro fasteners, or any footwear that provides good support.
  • Undergarments (six changes suggested).
  • Toiletries such as comb, brush, shampoo, deodorant, electric shaver for men.
  • Women are encouraged to bring basic cosmetics.
  • Patients may bring sleepwear or can use hospital provided gowns for use at night.
  • Any corrective devices or equipment (even if they have not been used recently) i.e. dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aides, canes, walkers, etc. Equipment will be evaluated and adjusted as needed. Suggestions for new equipment will be made as required.
  • Several days’ supply is recommended so that clean laundry can be rotated in & back home.
Of special note: Bringing jewelry/valuables is discouraged; however, it is recommended
that any personal articles of value be secured in the hospital safe.

Accredited by:
Commission on Accreditation
of Rehabilitation Facilities

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The Joint Commission Accreditation
of Healthcare Organizations
Our patients’ outcomes are tracked and compared to other rehab providers in the region and the nation by the database service we participate in called Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation. UDS/MR is affiliated with the University of Buffalo and is used by most rehab providers in the USA for benchmarking purposes.