NCH Women's Health Department
Spirit of Women
Spirit of WomenNCH is a member of Spirit of Women, an elite collaboration of American hospitals and healthcare providers that ascribe to high standards of excellence in women’s health, education and community outreach. This exciting program complements NCH’s position as the regional leader in women’s health education and community outreach for women and their families in Collier and South Lee Counties.

Spirit of Women Activities
  • Major educational seminars
  • Exciting community wellness events such as Girls Night Out in October and Day of Dance in February & June
  • Programs on health topics such as heart disease, joint and bone health, pregnancy, diabetes, cancer and gynecological issues.
  • Monthly fact sheets on important health topics

All material presented is based on current women’s health research.

Please click below to view our event photos or learn more about upcoming programs.

> Register for "Girls' Night Out" October 15th

Girls Night Out October 2014

Spirit of Women Events

Click to view the NCH Healthcare System/Spirit of Women - October 2012 "Girls' Night Out" Photo Gallery

Click to view the NCH Healthcare System/Spirit of Women - February 2013 "Day of Dance for Your Health" Photo Gallery

Click to view the NCH Healthcare System/Spirit of Women - June 2013 "Day of Dance for Your Health - Estero" Photo Gallery

> Contact NCH Women's Health to learn more
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