Straight Talk - Another 10 good reasons why all of us should be proud we work at NCH Healthcare.

December 16, 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Last week in Orlando, a 25-member NCH team, led by Board Chair Joe Perkovich, Vice Chair Mariann MacDonald and board/committee members William Allyn, Chuck Buck, Tom Gazdic, Dr. John Lewis, Wayne Mullican, and Ned Stedem, joined 5,800 others in-person and 15,000 remote international participants at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) 22nd Annual meeting. NCH was proud to contribute a record nine posters at the IHI meeting:

· Tricia Sutton, 6N RN Manager, presented an award winning “Promotion of Sleep in Post Operative Patients,” emphasizing how early afternoon quiet time helps patients recover better and faster after open heart surgery.

· ER RN Microsystem Director Todd Haner and ER Physician Director Dr. John Lewis presented, “Putting Patients First—Emergency Department Flow Excellence,” highlighting our team management approach that has lowered door-to-doctor time in both NCH ERs to less than 20 minutes.

· RN Surgical Microsystem Director Robin McCarl-Galbavy presented, “Improving HCAHPS Scores,” which stresses communication about medications to enhance and improve recovery.

· RN ICU Microsystem Director Jon Kling presented, “Prevention of Central Line Associated Infections,” by following best practices and codifying insertion and care of tubes entering the body of very ill ICU patients. This has already saved lives. Some NCH ICUs have not experienced infections in almost a year.

· RN Quality Improvement nurse Lisa Leonard presented, “Peri-Operative Beta Blocker Improvement,” where employing electronic medical records has helped us achieve 100% compliance this year.

· Pharmacy System Director Kim Thorp presented, “Reducing Harm from Anticoagulant Therapy,” focusing on pharmacist team collaboration efforts to decrease the chance of harm from complications due to blood thinners.

· OR Microsystem Director Bill Diamond presented, “Operating Room Process Improvement,” where prompt start times and rapid turnover between cases better satisfies patients, families, and caregivers.

· Psychiatry Microsystem Director RN Susan Kimper presented, “Reduction in the Incidence of Patient Restraints,” focused on proactive approaches to prevent the use of restraints. This included training for the staff which teaches verbal de-escalation as well as education programs for the patients to involve them managing their behavior safely.

· RN Quality Improvement nurse Holly Teach presented, “ACE/ARB Use in Patients with EF < 40%,” where congestive heart failure patients benefit from two classes of medications, both almost 100% hard-wired into use at NCH, due largely to the use of electronic medical records.

A 10th NCH poster, by 6S RN Clinical Coordinator Helen Einer, wasn't selected at IHI only because it is being presented at the prestigious National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators annual conference in January, 2011.

So there you have it—another 10 good reasons why all of us should be proud we work at NCH Healthcare.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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