Straight Talk - ‘Tis the season to celebrate with family and friends.

December 23, 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

‘Tis the season to celebrate with family and friends, and to reflect on all we have for which we should be thankful. In that spirit, last week we honored the NCH tradition of celebrating the season with a magnificent holiday meal for about 3,000, along with $50 holiday gift checks for everyone, with another free meal to come for the 1,000+ folks working on Christmas or New Year's. For more on what we have to be thankful for, I share three recent emails:

· From Quality Review Specialist RN Debbie Miller:

“I just had to share how happy I am to hear positive things out in the community about us. When I started here 15 yrs ago, some of the things people used to say NCH stood for weren't very nice. I was just in line at ACE Hardware and a gentleman and his wife saw my badge and said, ‘Oh, you work at NCH; you guys are number one I hear.' I mentioned about our ortho and cardio and it so happens the gentleman is having upcoming hip surgery with Dr. Mead. I told him how long I've been here and that he was in great hands. He agreed. We talked about how people used to go back up north for surgeries (he was from Manhattan) but now it seems here is the place to be and where he decided to have his surgery.J

· From Critical Care RN Jacqueline Crandall:

“In my six years, I have grown and changed and learned more than I could ever imagine; not only about nursing, but about life. What really has come to light is how important my co-workers are. Not only for day-to-day patient care, but as mentors.

Katalin Kovy is an outstanding nurse and shiningexample of what the profession can bring to the table. Katalinspends her free time, at her own expense, attending medical and nursing conferences throughout the state and country. She is always first to lend a helping hand and is respectedby the nurses and doctors she works with. She also has been working tirelessly to bring changethroughdifferent shared governance committees. She recently spent her own money and time creating a special day for Barbara Garner for 30 years of service as an NCH RN. Katalin is a silent hero of night shift SICU and an invaluable member of NCH.

Naz Kinsland is another SICU night shift RN whois a wonderful mentor. She wears many hats, can take care of any patient incritical care and fills in as clinical coordinator. Naz is cool under pressure, respectful of her peers, and has acalm and kind manner. Ask any nurse in critical care. Naz is a favorite.

“Too oftennurses go unrecognized for their years of unflawed and exceptional service, especially our night shift nurses. These are two of our best nursesat NCHand I think someone should know that.”

· From Chief Nursing Officer Michele Thoman in response to Jacqueline:

“Thank you for your email. I could not agree with you more. Katalin is an extremely passionate, committed nursing professional. I also echo your comments about Naz. She is always professional and engaged when I speak with her. We are very fortunate to have both of them on the nursing team at NCH.”

Fortunate indeed, not only to have Katalin and Naz but also Barbara, Debbie, Jacqueline, Michele, and the other 3,925 caregivers who make up the entire NCH team. Thanks to you all, and happy holidays.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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