Straight Talk - Our goal at NCH is to create a “wow experience.”

May 5, 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys going to the hospital. But our goal at NCH for those who have to be in the hospital is to create for them and their families, a “wow experience.” And we’re making progress on that goal by listening to our patients and rewarding those who have served them best. Here’s how it works.

Each month, about 50% of discharged patients are randomly selected to receive a Press Ganey patient satisfaction survey and another 10% receive a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) survey. The data from completed surveys is compared with more than 1,800 other hospitals for Press Ganey and 3,798 for CMS. Along with these objective results, we receive written comments from appreciative patients and families capturing the compassion, competence and care of the NCH team. Then Paul Clarke, Patient Experience Coordinator, awards a traveling trophy for the hospital unit with the greatest statistically-significant patient satisfaction improvement each month. CNO Michele Thoman and I have participated in the award presentations for North Naples Campus 2 East, 3 West, Pediatrics, and NCH Downtown Campus 2 North, 6 South, 3 North, 4 South as well as clinical supporting Admitting Unit and Case Management.

The key to the traveling trophy recognition is the “voice of our patients.” Indeed, patients’ comments are shared with colleagues when the traveling trophy migrates from successful unit to the next most improved unit. Here are a few:

  • Last week 3 North RN Ruth Kennedy received this accolade: “The nurses were wonderful—Ruth was great.” I asked Ruth why she thought this patient went to the trouble to remember her by name and take the time and trouble to volunteer a written comment. Ruth’s modest response is instructive. She said, “When people have a problem, I try to help them solve it—a patient, a family, a physician, . . .”
  • Here’s another patient quote capturing the service competence of our case managers: Kathy Englund was fantastic. She singlehandedly arranged our air evacuation by jet (Air Trek, Inc.) including ambulances from Naples Airport to Baltimore Airport. . .”
  • This patient praised a North Naples 2 East colleague: “Love my nurse: Judy Elibri is a doll. She was extremely attentive and caring. She is an asset to your facility. She made my brief stay as good as possible.”
  • A patient quote from North Naples 3 West shared the same sentiments: “We will be sending a letter of accolades for Kelly Gore, RN. She is the epitome of a patient advocate. You should be very proud to have her on staff.”

    Patient feedback is only part of our full-scale communication effort to enhance patient experience. Another integral component is our website which is producing record increases in traffic. Kris Schumacher, Web Content Specialist, reported an all-time record of “visits” to our website,—50,083 in March, 4% higher than the next highest month, and an astonishing 28% increase over March 2010. Kris and teammates Paul Adrianzen, Web and New Media Manager and Dan Landrum, Web Based Application Developer have launched a mobile devices website, featuring “Find a Doctor, Our Locations, Our Videos,” and a link to the full site. This team’s newest project is a short video, called NCH Now, which adapts Straight Talk topics to visual form. The first edition will feature our “Smart Room.”

    Along with offering high tech medical solutions, today’s healthcare demands a high touch approach as well. Every NCH patient who agrees “This Is My Hospital” will expect us to deliver on both concepts. So our mandate is to ensure that progress in enhancing patient satisfaction continues every single day.


    Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO
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