Monthly Health E-News June 2011

June 2011

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Breast Health News
This month's featured topic: Some Breast Cancer Survivors Face Post-Treatment Fatigue
Women who have completed therapy for breast cancer often suffer from fatigue - a result of stress caused by a continuous shifting between "fight-or-flight" and "resting" patterns during treatment.
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Diabetes Health News
This month's featured topic: Not All People with Type 1 Diabetes Develop Complications
People with type 1 diabetes are often told they are likely to face blindness, kidney problems, and amputations as they get older. But a recent study shows that many of those people are able to live healthy, normal lives with few, or even no medical complications, and scientists want to know why. 
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For Your Child News
This month's featured topic: Inexperience and Distraction to Blame in Teen Auto Crashes
Teens behind the wheel are more likely to be involved in a crash because they lack proficiency in three important driving skills, a new study says.
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Heart Care News
This month's featured topic: Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Helps Prevent Irregular Heartbeat
The same lifestyle changes that can help prevent heart disease can also help avoid an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation.
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Men's Health News
This month's featured topic: Air Pollution Another Threat for U.S. Troops
Soldiers on duty in Iraq face an inhospitable environment - that of a war zone. But the geography of the country is also a health threat.
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Mind & Body News
This month's featured topic: Study Indicates Radiation Exposure from Scanners No Threat
An increasing number of air passengers pass through full-body scanners as part of airport security. And many of those passengers are asking, "Are those scanners safe?"
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Women's Health News
This month's featured topic: Young Mothers Weigh More than Their Peers
Motherhood can bring joy, challenges - and perhaps extra pounds.
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