Monthly Health E-News March 2012

March 2012

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Breast Health News

Some personal hygiene products contain preservatives called parabens, which have estrogen-like properties. Do these chemicals raise the risk for breast cancer? Experts say more research is needed to know for sure.
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Diabetes Health News

Depression is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for depression. Patients with both conditions fare better when both conditions are treated at the same time.
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For Your Child News

Updated versions of the vaccines against rotavirus don't seem to increase the risk for a potentially deadly side effect, a new study says
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Heart Care News

Even when a person has no obvious symptoms of atrial fibrillation (AF) - palpitations or a racing heart - AF may still make a stroke more likely. This is especially true if the person has other stroke risk factors, such as high blood pressure.
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Men's Health News

Narcissism - that inflated sense of self-importance that often interferes with relationships - appears to play a negative role in men's health, as well, according to a new study.
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Mind & Body News

People who walk to work or school wearing ear buds or headphones face a greater risk for injury or death because they are less aware of their surroundings. Pedestrian injuries in the U.S. have tripled since 2004, researchers say.

Women's Health News

Women with sleep apnea face an increased risk for heart problems, just as men with this condition do. But just as for men, women who are treated with CPAP appear to bring their risk down.
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