Straight Talk - “Above and beyond”

August 30, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We received an unwelcome visit this week from Tropical Storm Isaac, which brushed by and left no significant damage or problems.

We did, however, benefit from a wet and windy but excellent “practice” run, under Scott Wiley, our outstanding emergency coordinator. Our teams followed proper protocols, everyone cooperated, communications worked almost flawlessly, and we had a safe outcome. There is no predicting the rest of the hurricane season, of course; we hope we won’t have anything major. But we are ready with a stockpile of food, medications, fuel, lessons learned and most important, a top-flight and experienced team.

An important part of teamwork is commending our colleagues on their efforts “above and beyond.” Most of us at NCH are generous in the comments we share about our fellow caregivers. Here’s an email example I received from one of our great volunteers, Bonnie Marshall:

  • “I just wanted to pass on to you a wonderful expression of kindness I saw in the Surgical Family Waiting Room, where the wife of a surgical patient needed special care. When the woman’s husband was taken for surgery, Pre-op Nurse Belva Hinthorn brought her to the family waiting room, got her lunch and informed me that the woman suffered from advanced Parkinson's. After the surgery, the woman sadly received bad news about her husband's condition. At about the same time, Phil Johnson arrived with pet therapy dog Fawn. Phil was wonderful, sitting and talking with the woman for 45 minutes. I then introduced Eileen Shaw, a CPE student doing rounds, to the patient's wife. Eileen stayed with her for another half hour, and then Belva drove the woman home. It was just wonderful to see NCH people helping someone in special need.”

And this email that I received from an NCH RN:

  • “I was recently admitted to the hospital at NCH North, and I just have to comment on the excellent care I received. I had a previous bad experience two years ago and was so pleasantly surprised this admission. All the nurses and techs were professional and extremely compassionate. One nurse, Jacqueline Crawford, stayed an extra hour. After my release, I unfortunately was rushed to the ER South with an extremely high blood pressure. Dr. Young Lee and RN Lynn Moore treated me like I was a member of their family. As a fellow colleague, I only hope I can exhibit the compassion and caring to my patients that these people have to me. I am extremely proud to be a part of the NCH team and would recommend the hospital to all I come in contact with.”
Finally, this email from Occupational Therapist Collette Krupp:

  • “Could I ask how I can make note of North Collier housekeeper Jeanne Jean, who every Saturday is willing to add to her work after pediatric 3rd floor, by assisting our tiny acute office on 3rd by the nursing station? As Saturday therapy crew, we almost always walk in to find trash cans overflowing. Jeanne is very willing to add us to her work load. She is super nice, never complains, and thorough—even cleaning the floors around us. How can her supervisors know the extra work she does so willingly?”
I think they now do, Collette. And thank you all for sharing the good works done for those we serve. Our patient satisfaction is on the rise, and emails like these explain the reasons why. Keep ‘em coming!


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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