Monthly Health E-News February 2013

February 2013

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Breast Health News

Fighting Breast Cancer: The Latest Treatment Techniques

Women diagnosed with breast cancer today have more treatment options available to them than ever before.  Read More

Diabetes Health News

3 Potential New Tactics for Preventing Diabetes
If you like to follow the latest trends, here's one you should skip: More Americans are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Read More

For Your Child News

Preventing Teen Dating Abuse
The teen years can be an exciting and anxious time for your child - and you.Read More

Heart Care News

Statins May Lower Cancer Risk, Too
If you have high cholesterol, chances are your doctor has prescribed you a type of medication called a statin. Read More

Men's Health News

Defeat the Pattern of Male-Pattern Baldness
Hair loss is a topic most men don't want to discuss. Yet it affects more than two-thirds of them by age 35. Nearly 85 percent of men will have thinning hair by age 50.Read More

Mind & Body News

Protecting Older Family Members from Financial Abuse
It can be hard to discuss money matters with older family members. Many of us may prefer to avoid such a sticky subject entirely.Read More

Women's Health News

Beyond Bone Health: The Power of Vitamin D
A simple glass of milk can do a lot for your health. Thanks to the "Got Milk" campaign, many women know that it packs a healthy punch of calcium and vitamin D - two nutrients critical for strong bones. Read More