Straight Talk - "Hospital Week"

May 23, 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

NCH celebrated National Hospital Week last week, recognizing the essential role that our nation’s hospitals play in caring for their communities. The American Hospital Association created a 60-second video spot, “Always Ready,” to commemorate that role. Please click here to view the video.

National Hospital Week gave us a chance to reflect on some of the initiatives NCH quality teams are leading.

  • Our North Campus Emergency Department provides efficient, safe, quality care to all of those who enter our doors. The goal of a recent quality project was to improve the flow of patients through the department while maintaining a safe environment. Essentially, we found that more than half of our patients, categorized as acuity level 3 (sick but not dying), were getting lost in “ED no man’s land.”

So we aimed to decrease door-to-doctor time for these patients to less than 78 minutes, decrease length of stay to below 244 minutes, decrease left-without-being-seen to less than 2%, and retain overall patient satisfaction at above 84%. We achieved all of our metrics with a major increase in volume and record numbers for the 2012/2013 season. This was truly a collaborative initiative among the entire ED staff, led by Quality Team members Betsy Novakovich-AD NNED, Dr. J. Panozzo, Jon Kling-Director, Jill Zollar-RN, Julie Stoner-RN, Jessica Maguire-RN, Wendall McClurg-RN, and Tom Morris-RN. Congratulations to all.

  • Our nursing quality improvement project for the 5th Floor at North Naples Hospital has also made great strides.

Through smart room technology and bedside nursing shift reports, we have improved patient satisfaction scores and made patients more involved in their care. Traditionally, a nursing shift report was given behind the nurse's station away from the patient. When a report is given at the bedside, patients are involved, while the oncoming nurse completes a "mini assessment" with the assistance of the departing nurse. The nurses and patient can discuss events of the previous shift (new medications, pain management regimens, physician rounds, etc.) and make goals for the next shift. The smart room features allow the RNs to view medications and trend vital signs, intake/output, and laboratory values. As we fine-tune our approach to bedside reports and increase staff confidence with smart room features, we are confident quality of care and patient satisfaction scores will improve. Quality team members for this project were Heather Dill-RN (nurse manager), Stephen Taylor-BSN/RN (who is also Nurse of the Year for North Naples), Melissa Reynolds-RN, and Tiffany Morrison-RN. Well done, team.

  • And then there is the economic impact that NCH provides the community.

Late Friday afternoon, the Chamber contacted Marketing Director Debbie Curry for marketing materials for 500 people, needed immediately for New Jersey-based Hertz employees considering relocation to Florida. Shawn McConnell and Mary Trupiano gathered materials, at breakneck speed, from across the campus. Within hours, 500 excellent NCH marketing packets were ready for a Hertz truck bound for New Jersey.

Rodney K. Judd LCSW, Director of Patient Relations & Regulatory Compliance, shared this cover page of a customer satisfaction survey: “We don’t need to fill out the survey to tell you that we found all of your services to be excellent and equal to the services we have gotten in the Mayo system back home. Thanks for the great job done.” So many people go above-and-beyond to ensure that NCH is “always ready” as an outstanding asset for our community.


Allen S. Weiss, M.D., President and CEO

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