Monthly Health E-News June 2013

June 2013

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  Men's Health News

How Safe is Your Home?
A home should be a haven-a place where you rest and enjoy time with family-a place of safety and security. But that isn't always the case.Read More
 Women's Health News

Considering Birth Control? Know Your Options
Women today have more birth control options than ever before. The condom, the pill, the patch-to name just a few. Read More
Heart Care News

Job Burnout May Be Hard on Your Heart
A lengthy to-do list, a fast-approaching deadline, conflict with a colleague-many people struggle with such on-the-job stressors.Read More
Breast Health News

Younger Women Need to Be Vigilant About Breast Cancer
As you grow older, your chance of developing breast cancer increases. In fact, two-thirds of cases occur in women ages 55 and older.    Read More
Diabetes Health News

Good Skin Care Essential if You Have Diabetes
As your body's largest organ, your skin is a master multitasker. It keeps fluids in, preventing dehydration. It regulates body temperature. It senses external stimuli, such as pain. Read More
For Your Child News

Family Focus: Less Sodium for All
Your child probably loves pizza. And how about hot dogs, lunch meat, or cheese?  In addition to being many children's favorites, these foods are high in sodium. They contribute to a startling fact:Read More
Mind & Body News

Do Ultrasonic Bug Repellent Devices Work?
Many people detest bugs, especially when they find them in their homes. Keeping bugs at bay may prompt you to try just about anything-maybe even ultrasonic bug repellent devices.Read More


Focus on Health

Enjoying Nature May Give Your Brain a Break
We live in a hectic world. The constant demands of technology and life's many responsibilities can become overwhelming.  Read More