Briggs Health Pavilion Press Release

March 3, 2006 - (Naples, FL) We are pleased to share with you the following information about the timing of the transition from the Whitaker Wellness Center South to the new Dr. John N. Briggs Wellness Center, currently under construction.

Mr. Jack Antaramian has graciously granted NCH a lease extension at our Grand Central Station location through September 30, 2006. In addition, as of today, and barring any construction delays due to storms, or any other unanticipated delays, we expect the Dr. John N. Briggs Wellness Center to be open to our membership in the beginning of October 2006. With this schedule in mind, and barring any of the above-mentioned delays, we anticipate the potential of a 1 to 2 week lapse in service, which is necessary in order to facilitate our transition. During this brief lapse, we want to make sure our members are well served. We will encourage use of our Wellness Center North facility, and will offer to place memberships on hold and/or offer a credit during this short lapse in service.

This is an extremely exciting time. The Dr. John N. Briggs Wellness Center will not only be equipped with the finest equipment and technology, but will provide the best in medical based wellness programming in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Thank you for your continued patronage, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you.

Briggs Health Pavilion Construction Photos