myNCH, myIDEA - Terms & Conditions

All employees of NCH, with the exception of Physicians, and those at Director level or above are eligible to participate in the myIDEA program. Physicians, Volunteers and Badged contractors are also invited to participate and will receive recognition if their idea is adopted but cannot receive cash awards.

Group submissions are limited to 4 persons per Idea. In the event that a Group Idea is adopted all participants will share equally in the award.


IDEA Committee and Ambassadors will:

  • Give due consideration to a suggestion; promptly, objectively, and fairly consider the suggestion.

  • Decide whether or not to adopt it; and If the suggestion is adopted, put forward for award consideration. If not adopted advise suggester accordingly.

  • Discuss IDEA with the suggester as necessary to gain a clear understanding of the intent, etc.; The explanation of the decision to adopt or not adopt should state specific reasons which may be passed verbatim to the suggester.

  • Only consider adoption of the suggestion if adoption would cause implementation of a requirement which was not previously known or the idea is not under prior management consideration or in use.

  • Check for duplication of another suggestion. An idea which duplicates one already under consideration may not be considered. If the second suggestion is similar to the first, but based on different conditions, it may be processed and may be eligible for an award, at the discretion of the myIDEA Committee.

  • Credit the suggester with a partial adoption if evaluation of the suggestion caused the development of a more feasible solution.

  • If a testing period is necessary before adoption is final, the myIDEA Committee shall notify the suggester in writing, stating an estimated time frame for testing, before determination of award.


Employees may appeal the decisions concerning their suggestions, first to the myIDEA committee who advised them that the suggestion was not adopted; next to the CHRO and finally, to the COO. Appeals must be filed within 60 days of final decision communicated by the myIDEA committee.

If a suggester requests reconsideration of a suggestion that was not adopted, the reevaluation should be made at the next level above where it was last evaluated.


Monetary awards are based on the first year's estimated savings after the suggestion has been fully implemented. The award amount is up to 10% of the first year savings with a maximum award of $5,000. For example, a suggestion that is implemented and saves the system $5,000 in the first year could be eligible for an award of up to $500. The minimum cash award for an idea adopted will be $100.

In the event that a period of testing, which may be up to 12 months from the date of commencement, is required – recognition at the minimum $100 level may be award with the final cash amount to be determined at the conclusion of the testing period . All award determinations are at the discretion of the myIDEA Committee and require final approve of the CEO and COO.


Submissions must be the participants own Idea and not infringe any copyright, trademark or intellectual property right. All participants, in submitting an idea, acknowledge that they do not have, have never had, and shall not claim to have, any ownership or other equitable or legal rights in the patent applications, patents, ideas, designs, developments, inventions, work product, copyrights, models, technical data, marks, know-how, reports or related subject matter relating to, or arising from the adoption and implementation of the proposed idea.

In addition myIDEA participants hereby waive any and all rights they have, or may have, to challenge the validity and enforceability of this Acknowledgment and waive any and all causes of action, whether based on contract, equity, law, administrative, or statute they have, or may have, related to this Acknowledgment.

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