NCH Outpatient Rehab Services
Vestibular & Balance Program
One of our highly regarded specialty programs, is our Balance & Vestibular Assessment and Treatment Program for persons suffering with imbalance, vertigo, and gait instability.

Signs and symptoms of vertigo include dizziness, unsteadiness when bending down or quickly turning, dizziness with changes in position. Symptoms of balance problems include frequent falls, having to stop yourself from falling, or a change in your gait.

If you are having problems with your balance, physical therapy by one of our highly trained professionals can help in assessing the problem and implementing an individualized treatment plan.

Why NCH? Our therapists specialize in treating balance and vestibular disorders. Your therapist may utilize state-of-the art computerized balance assessment equipment, The NeuroCom®, a division of Natus®, Balance Master®, dependent on your needs. The Balance Master® is regarded as the gold standard in assessing problems with balance as it provides an objective evaluation of the visual, sensory, motor and adaptive components of the balance system. Quantifiable results allow for a more specific treatment plan tailored to your deficits; thus, ensuring optimal outcomes for improvement. Repositioning maneuvers for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, (BPPV), are one of the treatment techniques that may be necessary to treat inner ear disorders.

The goal of physical therapy is to improve your balance and function. Our therapists provide education on balance disorders, home and environment modifications to prevent falls, and a home exercise program to help individuals with balance conditions.

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