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Parkinson’s Disease
NCH Outpatient Rehabilitation Services offers a wide variety of specialty programs, one of which is speech and/or occupational therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Many of our speech & occupational therapists have taken advanced training and are certified in LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™; evidenced based therapeutic treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s Disease is progressive neurological medical condition. Once diagnosed, your physician can work with you on your treatment plan. In addition to receiving medical management from your doctor, speech and occupational therapy are available treatment strategies to assist in helping individuals better achieve independence and/or better adapt to activities of daily living.

Why NCH Outpatient Rehabilitation? Our therapists are experienced and compassionate. We have therapists that have taken advanced coursework in the latest evidenced based therapeutic treatment strategies for Parkinson’s Disease; LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™.

LSVT LOUD™-(Lee Silverman Voice Treatment), is an evidenced based therapy technique which focuses on improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease that receive this speech therapy treatment. LSVT LOUD™ may also improve impaired swallowing (dysphagia) & articulation. Your speech therapist will provide language exercises that encourage you to speak using select words, phrases, or sentences "loudly".  Contrary to popular belief, LSVT LOUD™ does not focus on “yelling”. Treatment does focus on stimulating the larynx and speech mechanism to normalize the voice to a healthy vocal loudness and intelligibility.

LSVT BIG™-The principles of LSVT LOUD™ were utilized with promising results when applied to limb movement in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Therapy focuses on increased amplitude of limb and body movement, and has shown improvements in gait and rotation. Speed  using upper and/or lower limbs may be improved. The method of treatment is intensive using repetitions of movements used in activities of daily living. Independence in completing activities of daily living may be seen dependent on the person and progression of the disease. Home exercise programs are provided to patients to help maintain these improvements.

Ask your physician if occupational or speech therapy may help complement your treatment plan as you manage Parkinson’s disease. After receiving a prescription from your physician, we can schedule you for evaluation and treatment. We look forward to being a resource for you.

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