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Wellness Centers

Briggs Center
399 Ninth Street North
Naples, FL 34102
tel: (239) 624-2750

Whitaker Center
Suite One
2330 Immokalee Rd
Naples, FL 34110
tel: (239) 624-6870

2005 - 2012 & 2014
Best Place to Workout, Gulfshore Life
Choice Champion Award
2004 - 2012
Best Health Club in Southwest Florida, Naples Daily News Choice Champion

Wellness Center Interships


Your life. Your Wellness.


The NCH Wellness Centers Internship Program is a 12 – 16 week clinical appointment in which the intern receives academic credit and field experience in his/ her field of study. (**Please note that we only accept interns that are going into the field of health and wellness, athletic training, etc.) The internship is designed to introduce the student to the many facets of Wellness (i.e. exercise prescription, fitness testing, nutrition, health promotion, exercise leadership). The intern will also have the opportunity to observe surgical procedures at the hospital.

The NCH Wellness Centers are two 35,000+ square foot facilities that serve over 7,000 members. The Briggs center is also the home of the Nutrition and Health Center where registered dietitians work on the nutritional aspects of wellness. The Briggs center has a pool, sauna, whirlpools, and over 100 pieces of cardiovascular and strength training machines. The Whitaker center has a sauna, whirlpool, steam room, and over 100 pieces of cardiovascular and strength training machines. The Wellness Centers offers a vast number of classes to meet the needs of both our general and special populations. Interns will observe and eventually teach some of the classes offered.

The Wellness Centers follows the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for exercise testing and prescription. Interns will gain exercise testing experience, as they will be allowed to assist with blood pressures and the pre-test preparations.

The NCH Wellness Centers Internship Program has many different experiences to offer. We have top-notch centers and a highly educated staff. We consider an internship at the Wellness Centers and excellent educational opportunity.


The NCH Wellness Centers endeavors to provide interns with a “hands on” experience in their field of study. Opportunities will be provided to experience all facets of the center’s program, as well as many procedures offered by the hospital staff (i.e. Cardiac Rehab, GXT’s, educational lectures, health fairs, athletic training … etc.).


The student intern will...

  1. Experience all programs through observation and participation
  2. Experience leadership of at least one fitness class
  3. Become proficient in graded exercise treadmill test administration
  4. Become proficient in taking blood pressures
  5. Become proficient in administering muscular strength/ endurance tests
  6. Become knowledgeable about nutrition and weight control programs
  7. Become knowledgeable about lower back conditioning/ education programs
  8. Become proficient in designing safe and effective exercise prescriptions
  9. Become familiar with the wellness concept in a health care setting
  10. Become familiar with the clerical operations of the Briggs Wellness Center

For more information call Anthony at (239) 596-9200 ext. 153 or Andrew Miller at (239) 624-2750.