Palliative Care

Tools for Patients and Families

Health Care Proxy and Living Will
  • The Health Care Proxy allows an individual to designate a person to make decisions on his or her behalf if the individual becomes unable to do so. The Health Care Proxy should be knowledgeable about the patient’s wishes and values, and should make decisions as he/she believes the patient would make under the circumstances.
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  • The Living Will allows an individual to set out his or her philosophy about medical decision-making if the individual loses the ability to speak for himself or herself in the future.

Legal Advance Directive Forms

A Family Care Conference

Family Discussion

The Palliative Medicine team utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to ensuring that you and your family receive the information and support that you need throughout the duration of your hospitalization. One of the tools that is utilized to ensure that you have received the necessary information is called a Family Care Conference. This conference is utilized to provide updates to the key players of your family and support system as well as discuss any decisions that may need to be made and discuss options or establish your goals of care.