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NCH Healthcare System Fact Sheet

Statistics & Facts

  • Established approximately 60 years ago
  • Largest non-governmental employer in Collier County
  • Not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization
  • 716 beds located on two campuses
  • First and only Open Heart Surgery Program in Collier County
  • First Mayo Clinic Care Network member in Florida and southeastern US
  • Ranked among the Best Hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

Vital Annual Statistics

  • 36,386 inpatient & observation admissions, 93,634 emergency visits and 3,418 births
  • 11,668 surgeries and 453 open heart surgeries
  • Provides 97% of indigent care in Collier County
  • 61% of patients treated are Medicare and 9% are Medicaid
  • 74% market share in Collier County and 53% in Bonita and Estero
  • 3,900 employees and 1,100 volunteers
  • Approximately 120 employed physicians and allied professionals
  • Over 630 staff physicians


  • Inpatient: Medical, surgical, cardiac, orthopedic, pediatric, obstetrics, rehabilitative, psychiatric, oncology, emergency treatment
  • Outpatient: Rehabilitation, home care, walk-in centers, wound healing, infusion therapy, wellness centers, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes educational services and 19 physician offices

Our Community

  • Primary service area includes Collier County with 339,642 permanent residents
  • Secondary service area includes Bonita & Estero with 75,404 permanent residents
  • Approximately 12% of patients treated live outside our primary and secondary service area
  • NCH offers numerous programs & resources to the community which include health seminars, community health fairs, free diagnostic screening, heart programs through American Heart Association (annual Heart Walk), cancer survival awareness, patient support groups, partnership with the Spirit of Women, pastoral care services, and sponsor and support of clinical nursing schools
  • Total community benefit expense approximates $35 million annually
  • NCH is an active participant with the Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County which has developed programs for drowning prevention, childhood obesity, safe sleep efforts and breastfeeding programs

Our Vision and Mission

  • VISION – NCH will be a World Class Leader of Excellence in Healthcare
  • MISSION – Helping People live a Longer, Happier & Healthier Life

Accomplishments and Recognition

Our Five Major Initiatives

  • Patient Satisfaction
    Increase patient satisfaction scores to exceed established targets across all areas of the system.
  • Physician Partnerships
    Enhance and expand our strategic partnerships with our physician colleagues as we all focus on patient care and satisfaction.
  • Lean Transformation & Information Technology
    Expand a culture of lean transformation and information technology throughout our healthcare system to improve the value of the care we provide.
  • Population Health
    Grow and fully develop our Population Health Program to serve patients, colleagues, and our community.
  • Mayo Clinic Care Network
    Continue to evolve the Mayo affiliation with best practice implementation and shared learning.

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