Concierge Medicine

Concierge Patient Benefits

  • More time allocated for office visits and examinations in a serene, unhurried setting
  • Enhanced access to doctor via phone, text, Skype or email
  • Comprehensive physical and initial health assessment to develop the baseline medical profile to be integrated with individually designed and monitored medical, exercise and nutrition plan
  • Coordination with the NCH Wellness Center’s physical trainer and nutritionist
  • Coordination of care throughout the NCH Healthcare System, as well as with other specialists in Naples and around the country
  • Close follow up of your medical appointments, tests and preventative evaluations
  • Tests and preventative evaluations arranged by physician
  • Access to medical information and tools needed to manage your health
  • Personalized coordination of care with patients in NCH hospitals or emergency rooms
  • Exposure to cutting edge advances in medicine
  • Advanced telemedicine services available
  • Your physician will have access to Mayo Clinic specialists through e-consultation.

Wellness & Nutrition Package

Concierge Program participation comes with a three month complimentary Wellness Center membership which includes:

  • Two, 50 minute massages
  • Comprehensive pre and post fitness tests including Resting Metabolic Rate, Strength/VO2 max/Body Fat Tests
  • Personal exercise program & equipment orientation
  • Weekly training session with a wellness specialist for program progression
  • 5 guest passes

After your complimentary three month membership, concierge guests may purchase a reduced membership to include:

  • Reduced membership rate of $25 per month; $33 per month for spouse
  • Annual fitness assessment with personal exercise program
  • Monthly session with wellness specialist for program progression
Nutritionist: Concierge Wellness Benefit
  • Initial Nutritional Assessment
    (1 hour)
  • 4 additional half-hour follow up visits

*If you are a Medicare participant then the Concierge fee is for enhanced services not covered by the Medicare program.