NCH Heart Institute

Electro Physiology Studies

Electro physiology studies or EP studies can be done as outpatient or inpatient. This type of a study is done in a special lab located in the cardiac catheterization area of the hospital. A special type of cardiologist known as an electrophysiologist performs the studies. The doctors are more simply referred to as  “electricians.” They study the electrical conduction system of human hearts. During this procedure the physician will study the current electrical pathway of your heart, as well as the likely hood of your heart going into strange, life threatening, rhythms. These pathways send currents from the top smaller pumping chambers (atria) to the bottom larger pumping chambers (ventricles) in a specific wave. When the currents are interrupted due to scar tissue or disease the EP doctor diagnosis the type of therapy you need. These therapies can be medication, ablation or insertion of a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator.