We invite you to send a photo greeting card or text-only email to a friend or relative who may be a patient here at the NCH Healthcare System Hospitals.  It will be automatically forwarded to our Pastoral Care Department, which will print the card and deliver it during regular business hours.

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, greeting card or email delivery is not possible due to a patient's medical condition or being discharged by the attending physician. Other times a patient chooses to opt out of our directory due to their desire for privacy. If so, messages will not be relayed, nor will you be notified that the card was not delivered.

Please note: The content of your message is not confidential and will be seen by members of our Pastoral Care Department.

Various regulations limit the amount of information our Pastoral Care Department can share with you about a patient. All e-mail is subject to the NCH Privacy Statement and the NCH Website Privacy Statement

Send a Patient Greeting Card

Send a Patient a Text-only Email