Private Rooms
Private rooms are available upon request. At times, a private room may not be available but you can be placed on a waiting list for the first available private room. There is an additional room charge for a private room.

Gulf View Suites (available at NCH Naples Community Hospital only)
Available for an additional charge, the upscale private rooms of the Gulf View Suites are more reminiscent of a hotel than a hospital.

Private suites offer:

Gulf View Suites Room
Gulf View Suites Room Service

  • Cable TV and VCR with a host of movies from which to choose


  • Sleeper sofa for family members


  • Computer/fax line/business service availability


  • Room service featuring menu items exclusive to the Gulfview Suites


  • Concierge services and afternoon tea

If you are interested in reserving a Gulfview Suite for yourself or a family member, or would like more information, please call the Gulfview Suites concierge at 239-624-3600.

Patient Belongings
When necessary, valuables may be stored in the Hospital safe. Simply inform your nurse that you have valuables that need to be stored. Patients are responsible for their own belongings.

Your Bed
Most bed controls are located on one of the bed’s side rails. Because bed position can be very important to a patient’s recovery, please check with your nurse before changing bed position. Lights can also be operated from your bed side rail.

Nurse call system
The nurse call system operates from both, the bed side rail or a red button on the nurse paging system attached to the wall. By using either button, a light will flash in and outside your room, and at the Nurses’ station to alert the staff that assistance is needed in your room. In order to better serve you, someone may ask you thru the intercom system how they can assist you. Nursing staff do carry cell phones which are used for hospital business to enhance communication among caregivers.

Night Time Care
At times, staff may need to check your vital signs, weigh you, or draw blood during the night. We try hard not to inconvenience you or disturb your sleep but this may be a necessary part of your treatment plan.

You may use the TV control button on your bed rail or the TV controls on your nurse call box to view your favorite TV shows. Please be sure the volume is at a level that does not disturb your roommate or other patients. Television in semi-private rooms should be turned off at 11pm.

View Channel Numbers and Stations available


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