The NCH Healthcare System offers a Prepaid OB delivery package for expectant woman who do not have insurance coverage for maternity benefits. We offer this package as a cost effective alternative to cover the hospital admission charges for the mother and baby. In order to take advantage of the Prepaid OB delivery pricing please review the following information.

The patient is to preregister and pay the prepayment required by the eighth month of pregnancy.

Registration is available at the Women and Children’s Pavilion between the hours of 7:30am to 8:00pm Monday through Friday.

The prepaid amount for a normal vaginal delivery as indicated by the physician’s diagnosis is $2,700.00.

The prepaid amount for a scheduled caesarean section is $4,200.00.

In the event of a multiple birth, there is an additional charge of $600.00 for each newborn.

The prepaid amount includes room and board, medications, routine ancillary charges, baby charges and anesthesia medications.

In the event of complications during a prepaid vaginal delivery resulting in a caesarean section, we will honor the price of $4,200.00 with the remainder to be paid in full within sixty days of discharge. If the amount is not paid in full within sixty days, the full amount as charged will be due immediately.

In the event of complications during a vaginal delivery which results in a diagnosis other than a normal delivery, but not a caesarean delivery; the account will be billed for total charges created by the hospitalization.

In the event of complications during a caesarean section delivery as indicated by the physician’s diagnosis, the account will be billed for total charges created by the hospitalization.

In the event of complications with the baby, there will be a separate inpatient account for the baby to be billed for total charges created by the hospitalization.

The prepaid amount does not include any physicians fee, i.e. delivering the newborn, the anesthesiologist (physician epidural fee), the pathologist, the pediatrician, neonatologies, etc.

In the event of additional surgery as in a tubal ligation, the charges will be prorated to accommodate for the charges that the additional surgery required.

If the patient wishes to stay another night following discharge because the newborn is staying, the “Family Inn” is available for an additional charge of $149.00 per day. The Family Inn Room is subject to availability and the payment is due at the time of the request. Meals are included in this charge. Nursing care is not included.

For any additional information or to request an OB pre-admission packet, please call  (239) 552-8375


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