11190 Healthpark Blvd., Naples, Florida

Please be advised that some positions may not be available at the time of your orientation.   A list of vacancies will be provided to you at orientation.  

Accounts Payable:  Assist staff with data entry, filing, sorting mail, clerical functions, and matching invoices.  This department is located at our Central Campus on Pine Ridge Road.

Admitting:  Greet, assist, escort, and/or transport customers via wheelchair.  Volunteers may provide some clerical assistance. 

Arts In Healing:  Create a healing environment through the application of various art forms.  Engage patients, family and staff in restorative and relief-generating experiences.  The Arts In Healing program includes Visual Arts, Clowns On Rounds, Music Therapy and Pet Therapy.  You do not need to be an artist to participate in this program. 

Bear’s Den:  Assist in the care of well children from 6 weeks to 6 years (weekdays only – 9am to 7 pm).  Certain qualifications apply.

Business Office:  Assist staff with clerical functions, data entry.  Volunteers need to be computer literate.  This department is located at our Central Campus on Pine Ridge Road.

Clowns on Rounds:  Tap into your ‘inner clown!’  Upon graduating ‘clown school,’ taught by veteran clown volunteers, you will be equipped to visit patients and staff.

Community Blood Center:  Utilize phone skills to obtain blood donations; all donations stay in Collier County.  Perform clerical functions & stock nurses’ workstation and refrigerator.  This department is located at two facilities:  Downtown Campus and Central Campus (Pine Ridge Road).

Concierge:  Maintains the flow of lobby traffic by escorting customers to various locations inside the hospital.  Some customers require an escort via wheelchair.  Volunteers sanitize wheelchairs, deliver flowers/patient mail, stock rack brochures & magazines, help with special hospital events, and greet all incoming customers. Position requires standing for a majority of shift, pushing a wheelchair, excellent customer service skills, and basic computer skills

Emergency Room:  Assist staff by stocking patient supplies, cleaning stretchers and other instruments.  Other functions include distributing linens, running errands within the hospital, preparing charts, transporting patients and providing information to visitors.  Position requires standing for a majority of shift, heavy lifting, and pushing a stretcher/wheelchair.

Emergency Room Concierge:  Maintain the flow of ER lobby traffic by assisting and greeting all customers.  Provide wheelchair assistance as needed.  Volunteers sanitize wheelchairs and other equipment/furniture in the ER lobby, stock, and escort customers.  Volunteers must be observant to the outside ER area and communicate frequently with ER staff, and assist ER staff.  Volunteers must have excellent customer service skills and be able to stand for a majority of their shift. 

Family Waiting Room:  Act as a liaison between visitors who have a family member/friend undergoing surgery and the Pre-Op/OR staff members.  Volunteers make coffee and keep waiting room neat.  Answer waiting room telephone, able to communicate in stressful situations, provide comfort and compassion to visitors. 

Food Service:  Assist kitchen staff by serving food at the main stations, cleaning, stocking.

Gift Shop:  Assist with sales in the gift shop, operate cash register, place inventory as needed, help customers with buying suggestions & keep shop neat and clean.  Volunteers must be able to work a cash register, or have the ability to learn, and have excellent customer service skills.  Prior retail experience preferred. 

Golf Cart Driver:  Transport patients and visitors to and from their automobiles and the hospital entrances.  Must have current Florida driver’s license and be in good health.  Certain requirements do apply.  Position requires working outside during entire shift and excellent customer service skills. 

Human Resources:  Assist staff with clerical duties such as answering incoming calls, filing, copying and assembling new-hire packets.  Volunteers must be able to multi-task well and have excellent customer service skills.

Human Resources Translation:  Work closely with Language Coordinator.  Complete customer service calls to our Spanish speaking customers and document conversation.  Must be fluent in conversational Spanish.

Infection Prevention:  Volunteers provide assistance to the Infection Prevention Department by monitoring, collecting data, and other duties as determined by the Director of Infection Prevention.   

Information Desk:  The Information Desk is the nucleus of the main lobby.  Volunteers at the Information Desk provide general information to customers regarding all areas of the hospital.  Volunteers must have excellent customer service skills and basic computer skills or the ability to learn.  Volunteers sit for a majority of their shift. 

Knitting:  Knit baby booties and caps for newborns (work at home).  Volunteers are required to utilize the material provided by the NCH Healthcare System. 

Mail Room:  Receive, sort and distribute mail to all departments within the hospital and assign postage to mail pieces. 

Music Therapy:  Provide patients, visitors and staff with the therapeutic effects and benefits of music.  Volunteers provide their own instrument.  Volunteers must be interviewed by the Arts In Healing Coordinator. 

Outpatient Rehab:  Greet patients, assist patients with forms, answer phones & maintain chart order. Locations in Creekside, GreenTree, and Bonita.

Pastoral Care Visitors:  Represent the Pastoral Care Department by visiting patients in the hospital.  Must have had CPE training or been approved by the NCH Chaplain.

Patient Concierge:  Assist nursing staff in offering non-medical customer service to patients.  In working closely with nursing staff, answer call bells at the nurse’s station, conduct patient rounds, supply water/juice, set up patient trays, replace bedside supplies, de-clutter areas around the bedside, and offer reading material.  Departments include: Cardiac Telemetry, Orthopedics, Med./Surg, and The Brookdale Center for Rehabilitation.

Pet Therapy:  Provide patients, visitors and staff with the therapeutic effects and benefits of pet visitation.  Volunteers bring in their personal certified dog.  Certain qualifications apply.

Pharmacy:  Assist with clerical and computer work, restock shelves.  Must be certified in the State of Florida as a tech or higher; requires an interview by the Director of Pharmacy. 

Surgical Services:  As directed by the nursing staff, obtain and put away supplies, clean stretchers, bring comfort items to patients & perform clerical functions as needed.

Snuggler:  Hold, feed, and burp newborn patients in the NICU and in the Level 1 nursery. Must be year-round resident.

Transportation:  Escort and move patients (by wheelchair or stretcher) from their rooms to the desired hospital service area. This position requires volunteers to stand for a majority of their shift and push a stretcher/wheelchair. 

Volunteer Office:  Volunteers act as a receptionist, greet public, answer phones, perform data entry, work on special projects & perform other general clerical work.  Volunteers must be computer literate and have excellent customer service skills. 

Wellness Center:  Assist staff with clerical functions, greets customers, and provides customer service. 

White Elephant Thrift Shop:  Assist in the pricing and selling of merchandise at the thrift shop.  Volunteers may display merchandise & clean/repair donated items.  This position requires volunteers to stand for a majority of their shift.  Volunteers must have excellent customer service skills. 

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