Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services


The NCH Pulmonary Health program and the Growney Pulmonary Health Center are making a difference in the lives of those suffering with severe respiratory illness and lung disease by improving their quality of life.

Pulm-Rehab-SignAs chronic lung diseases have become more prevalent, the demand for pulmonary  rehabilitation services has grown steadily over the years. The NCH Growney Pulmonary Health Center has expanded to meet the needs of our community.  The center's physical expansion and renovation in 2015--a $1 million project funded entirely by philanthropy--has made room for patients to benefit from its vital services, created new educational space, provided better equipment for strength training, aerobics and stretching and encompassed a host of upgrades. 

To continue to meet the growing needs of those in Collier County with pulmonary issues, ongoing funding is needed to maintain and upgrade equipment, cover the costs of care for patients who are uninsured or underinsured and provide education and support groups in the community. Philanthropic gifts will provide NCH with the financial support it needs to maintain and grow its pulmonary rehabilitation services.

Additional current and endowment support is needed for Pulmonary Rehabilitation services to:

Maintain and upgrade equipment in all of the rehabilitation facilities
  • Expand and upgrade the NCH facility at Marco Island:
    • Purchase new exercise equipment for aerobic and strength training
    • Upgrade the audio/visual systems
    • Add an education room and client interview rooms
    • Upgrade to a TeleRehab System for integrated data tracking specifically for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patient
  • Cover ongoing costs of care for patients with insurance payment shortfall, including those who are uninsured or underinsured
  • Provide community outreach, education and support groups

For additional information about NCH's Pulmonary Health and Pulmonary Rehabilitation services, please call (239) 624-2000 or email Foundation@nchmd.org. To make a gift today, please click here.