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GME Program


Our goal is to develop competency in general medicine, both in the inpatient and outpatient settings, with exposure to all of the major subspecialties of internal medicine while still providing residents with BALANCE.

Our program has adopted the 3+1 schedule that incorporates three weeks of uninterrupted inpatient experience or electives followed by one week of ambulatory clinic block. The majority of our rotations are at the downtown NCH campus, but depending on the elective, you may visit various locations.

Residents in the Internal Medicine Residency enjoy a curriculum that offers a wide variety of clinical and hospital-based experiences as well as frequent didactics presented by residents, faculty and consulting staff. The schedule is well-balanced and allows electives early in the training process, academic mentorship and research opportunities during the intern year.

The surprisingly diverse patient population at NCH in Naples, Florida, provides varied pathology, from bread-and-butter internal medicine to rare and complex diagnoses.


Note: These are averages and will vary from resident to resident, but in total accounts for 52 weeks in a year to fill our 13 blocks.

PGY-1 Requirements Number of Weeks
Inpatient 18
Continuity Clinic 13
Night Float 4
Elective 6
Vacation 4
PGY-2 Requirements Number of Weeks
Inpatient 9
Continuity Clinic 13
Night Float 2
Selective (i.e. nephrology, geriatrics, infectious disease) 9
Elective 7
Vacation 4
PGY-3 Requirements Number of Weeks
Inpatient 9
Continuity Clinic 13
Night Float 2
Emergency 3
Medical Officer of the Day 3
Neurology 3
Elective 10
Vacation 4


Team Structure

Our residents are mainly at the downtown NCH campus for inpatient wards. We currently have a total of three inpatient teaching teams, with dedicated academic hospitalists. We have plans to expand and create a fourth team while maintaining a senior-only team.

You are guaranteed one weekend day off every week. The call system is on a rotating daily basis, with shifts broken up within the day from 6:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Every third day you will be on call from 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Admissions are under a DRIP system, in which residents are expected to take an overnight admission and one daytime admission per day at minimum.

Admissions are triaged and pre-evaluated by a PGY-3 who rotates in the medical officer of the day rotation.

We have a dedicated night float resident team to cover our floor patients.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3


The new 22-bed, state-of-the-art adult medical critical care unit opened in January 2019.

All of the rooms have Smart Room technology equipped with individual computers and patient monitors.

Our internal medicine residents have expanded dedicated work areas. This has helped facilitate multidisciplinary team rounding.


  • Interns rotate between short and long call daily with a guaranteed one weekend day off every week
  • Seniors: one week of night float and one 24 hour call per three week block

Simulation Center

We have developed a temporary simulation center that is now open, full expansion of the simulation center will be completed in the fall of 2022.


We currently have one ambulatory clinic site, that is attached to the main hospital. Residents have their own patient panel, and will rotate through a variety of ambulatory weeks including sports medicine, wound care, gynecology, dermatology, etc. To help maintain our balance, clinic weeks usually have a golden weekend.

Elective Opportunities

Educational Conferences


Extensive up-to-date training and teaching in conjunction with Mayo Clinic.

NCH provides weekly updates regarding COVID policies, supplies, and statistics. We dedicate a portion of our didactics to address the constantly evolving information regarding COVID. Below is the recent Medical Grand Rounds presented by Dr. Gregory Poland of Mayo Clinic and in house intensivist Dr. David Lindner, regarding Coronavirus treatment updates, research, and vaccination.