Resident Class of 2017-2018

McGraw Head shot

Morley Head shot

Kristen McGraw, PharmD., MBA

Dr. McGraw graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy and her MBA from the University of Kentucky in 2017. Her main research project for the NCH Healthcare System was rolling out a new heparin dosing protocol regarding conversion of aPTT monitoring to anti-Xa monitoring in heparin infusions, in which she then completed an evaluation to find time to therapeutic levels, identify any areas of improvement and suggest solutions. Her ASHP Midyear Conference poster was a medication-use evaluation of ertapenem. Her interest include internal medicine and teaching.  She became Board Certified in Pharmacotherapy in December 2018 and now works for Emory Healthcare System outside of Atlanta, Georgia .

Daniel Morley, PharmD.

Dr. Morley graduated with his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Florida in 2017. Dr. Morley completed an update to several components of our software system to comply with USP<800> this year, including handling and administration instructions on the electornic MAR and pharmacy database. His ASHP Midyear Conference poster topic involved our system’s compliance to the Pain, Agitation and Delirium guidelines in ICU patients related to the appropriate sequence of initiation and titration of the various medications used. His interests include administration and management, and after his elective rotation with NCH, pharmacy informatics. Daniel now works for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan.
ASHP Midyear Meeting 2017