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NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Emergency Department​

While on any given day, no one expects to be rushed to a hospital, the fact is, nearly one-fifth of all Americans are taken to an emergency room each year. Did you know that 80% of patients admitted to NCH Healthcare System come through the emergency department?

Last year, the NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Emergency Department saw nearly 40,000 patients.


As our population grows and our community’s healthcare needs expand, that number is expected to increase. This demand has prompted the transformational renovation and expansion of the existing emergency department, which has not been updated in nearly a quarter century.

Planning is underway for the $35 million expansion and modernization project. This will provide convenient access to safe emergency care, including nationally recognized care for stroke and heart attacks.

Philanthropic support impacts our region and helps NCH offer state-of-the-art emergency care facilities to meet the growing needs of our community.

Your generosity will give NCH Healthcare System the funding we need to pursue the next important medical innovation, support the best medical professionals, improve the health of our community and provide the very best patient care possible.

Begun in the fall of 2019, this renovation allows NCH to double the size of the current emergency department and will improve our patient experience.

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  • Expand private beds from 32 to approximately 43 and improve privacy with individual glassed-in treatment rooms.
  • Create geriatric emergency rooms to accommodate the unique needs of the geriatric population by offering tranquil colors, soft lighting and other features to provide a calming effect.
  • Design waiting rooms to be more comfortable for patients and their family members, featuring charging stations.
  • Create larger nurse stations to accommodate Smart Room Technology and implement a care delivery system to achieve higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Fundraising Goals

$ 35M Emergency Department Cost
  • Raised as of December 2019: $20M
  • Funding needed: $15M