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Surgical Modernization Project at NCH Baker Hospital Downtown

The $62 million modernization project for the surgical suites and the critical care units at the NCH Baker Hospital Downtown is one of the highest priorities for NCH over the next three years. Updating our surgery facilities and equipment is critical as technology and techniques continue to evolve. Surgical services have a direct and significant impact on nearly every key program in the hospital, including general surgery, orthopedic, gastroenterology, oncology, urology, vascular and cath lab procedures. The renovation project complements the planned expansions and innovations in the cardiology program, specifically providing the much-anticipated hybrid surgery suite to perform open heart and heart valve surgical procedures.

One of the main advantages of the surgical renovation project is an opportunity to fully integrate and centralize all surgical services which will be placed in a single location. This means surgeons, nurses and other staff will be able to provide care to a larger number of patients in the same amount of time. Staff members have been involved in developing the innovative floor plans that improve flow and reduce the amount of time for each surgery. The footprint will be clean and equipment placed on booms from the ceiling, giving surgeons and staff more space to move within the suite.

The renovated surgery unit will be capable of handling the increasingly more acute and complicated surgeries. Each surgical suite can quickly be modified for different types of procedures and will offer flexibility for changes in case mix in the future.

NCH must raise nearly $30 million toward this project. Jay and Patty Baker recently made a generous gift of $12 million. Additional community support is vital to this project. Without philanthropic gifts, NCH is challenged to offer state-of-the-art facilities and technology required to provide the safest, best surgical care possible to the residents of and visitors to Collier and south Lee counties.

When the modernization project is complete, the NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Surgical Suites and Critical Care Units will feature:

  • Operating Rooms that are fully integrated with new technologies and computerization, including video displays and screens showing multiple images to treat patients more effectively.
  • 360-degree pictures (three-dimensional) with multiple images displayed on three, four or five different screens (a number of modalities at once: MRI, CT, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, high-res video).
  • The ability to perform several modalities at one time so patients do not have to be scheduled for several different surgeries at different times.
  • Consolidated and enhanced pre- and post-operating room facilities and intensive care rooms.
  • The new hybrid operating room which will allow the NCH Heart Institute cardiologists to start a cardiology valve clinic and to begin to perform TAVR (heart valve replacement procedures).
  • A specialized angioplasty recovery unit.
  • The addition of a centralized transitional care unit (step down from Intensive Care).
  •  Advanced environmental controls for heating and cooling which include HEPA filtration.
  • The establishment of an ongoing fund for education and training for surgical and critical care physicians, nurses and other professionals.
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NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Surgical Modernization Project 2nd Floor Plans

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