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The NCH Birthplace

Providing the Safest Care Possible at the NCH BirthPlace

More than 300 babies are delivered each month at The BirthPlace, located at the NCH North Naples Hospital. Each year, there are innovations in the technology and tools that help parents, along with physicians and nurses, provide the safest care possible to newborns and to help them grow and thrive. Several of the new tools are featured below.

birthplace-imgDevelopmental positioning aids: Each child would go home with a bundle of tools to help position premature children to promote proper physical development.

Phototherapy treatment lights: To treat infants with jaundice, The BirthPlace would like to purchase and install two (2) beds with phototherapy treatment lights, with special blankets and trancsutaneous bilimeters.

Angel Eyes video streaming monitoring system annual operating fund: The Angel Eyes video streaming system was installed at each bed space to provide families who must be away from the newborn in the unit to watch their little one throughout the day or night. The system was installed as part of the NICU expansion project and now additional funding is needed to support the program into the future.

Infant ventilators and bubble CPAP: Two additional respiratory support machines are needed to handle the number of newborns and infants who require special ventilation due to various lung conditions.

If you have an interest in additional information about the tools available to provide the safest care to newborns, or you would like information about other ways you can support NCH Healthcare System, your nonprofit community hospital, please contact us at 239-624-2000.

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