safety is at the core of quality patient care

Protocols enacted early on to keep staff and patients safe included tactics such as visitor restrictions, and the creation of special COVID-19 units that act as a hospital within a hospital to separate COVID-19-positive patients from the rest of the patient population.  These units utilize negative air pressure to isolate the virus to only that room, leaving the environment outside of it safe for patients and staff.  These protocols highlighted safety as a priority while saving valuable PPE and reducing the spread of the disease.


Positive Patient






COVID-19 Positive
Employee for Work
Place Exposure

 If you are sick, please feel confident you can come to NCH. Don’t wait. We don’t want patients to experience an unnecessary personal health crisis.  To date, and after thousands of COVID-positive patient interactions by staff and over 5,000 tests administered, only 1 employee has tested positive from workplace exposure (who has fully recovered and returned to work) while there has been 0 patient to patient COVID-19 exposures at NCH…all because of our diligent processes to keep our team and our patients safe throughout the pandemic. 

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In the event of any emergency, the NCH Healthcare system has five Emergency Departments fully functioning, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, to meet the emergency healthcare needs of Southwest Florida. We continue to provide the nationally recognized care that our community has come to expect from NCH.

NCH is also happy to share that a substantial order of surgical masks arrived last week.  To thank those who donated needed supplies to us early on, we have decided to work with a few local foundations and agencies in giving back masks to those most in need of these supplies in our community. 

We have also reserved an additional supply of masks to be given to the Collier County Department of Health to distribute specifically to our farm workers in Immokalee to help protect that vulnerable population from the spread of this disease.