Center for Behavioral Health

The Center for Behavioral Health provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, treatment and a follow up team approach in a safe environment to the individuals with various mental and behavioral health conditions.

Most Insurances Accepted including those below:
  • Medicare
  • Straight Medicaid
  • BCBS
  • Allegience

Our Services

Bipolar Disorders
Brief Psychotic Disorders and Delusional Disorders
Clearance for Surgical Procedures such as Orbera & Bariatric
Depression to include Persistent Depressive Disorders Symptoms
Depression, including Depression Related to Medical Conditions

Eating Disorders
Folie a Deux
Generalized Anxiety Disorders
Insomnia (Primary)
Panic D/O
Personality Disorders

Psychiatric Evaluations pre-surgical procedures
PTSD, DCF Evaluations
Seasonal Affective Disorders
Social Anxiety (Phobia)
Some Court Ordered Mental; Health Evaluations
Substance Abuse Treatment

Our Locations

BH Ninth St

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BH - Northeast

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