Tankut Onal, MD
Pediatric Cardiologist


Tankut Onal, MD is one of two of the area’s first Pediatric Cardiologists arriving in Naples in July of 2011.

He served as assistant professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for four years. He started a cardiac telemedicine program as well as an outreach program in pediatric cardiology and established clinics in four different underserved areas. Dr. Onal trained cardiology personnel in pediatric cardiac imaging and ECGs to be able to better serve the populations in these areas.


He completed his fellowship at the University of Florida. He specializes in non-invasive pediatric cardiology imaging and special interests include pulmonary hypertension and cardiomyopathy. Dr. Onal completed his residency at Louisiana State University in 2003 and was honored to serve as Chief Resident in 2004.


He is a fellow of The American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of The American Heart Association and Board Certified in Pediatric Cardiology. He is currently on staff with Kidz Medical Services and is looking forward to providing pediatric cardiology services to this area. He and his wife are delighted to return to Florida.

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