The Difference is in our Experience

The Rooney Heart Institute at NCH has been a pioneer in the cardiac arena for nearly 25 years and is committed to providing the highest quality of cardiovascular care in Southwest Florida.

With our talented team of physicians, who are actively participating in industry-leading clinical trials, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, and showcasing the latest in cardiovascular technology, it’s no wonder why the NCH Heart Institute is a premier destination for cardiology.

Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging

David Axline, MD
Sheldon Brownstein, MD
Hany Elmahdy, MD
Bruce Gelinas, MD
Terrence Longe, MD
Raja Maddipoti, MD
Randolph Panetta, MD
Edward Shmukler, MD
Hillary Tassin, MD
Silvio Travalia, MD
Shona Velamakanni, MD

Interventional and Structural Cardiology

Mazen Albaghdadi, MD
Robert Cubeddu, MD
Steven Deutsch, MD
Michael Flynn, MD
Adam Frank, MD
Carlo Santos-Ocampo, MD


Luis Rechani, MD
Dinesh Sharma, MD
Samantha Sublette, MD

Heart Failure

Viviana Navas, MD


Stephen D’Orazio, MD
Robert Pascotto, MD
Brian Solomon, MD


Gaston Cudemus, MD
Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz, MD

Vascular surgery

Santiago Chahwan, MD
Alvaro Zamora, MD