RISING COVID PATIENT HOSPITALIZATIONS CONFIRMS PANDEMIC CONTINUES AMONG THE UNVACCINATED – NCH Healthcare System has seen a drastic rise in COVID hospitalizations due to those unvaccinated. Read more >

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Volunteer Services

NCH Volunteers have returned to service.  After nearly one year of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many volunteers have resumed their posts.  NCH Volunteers are easily identified by their royal blue uniforms, friendly faces and outstanding service.  Look for volunteers throughout our healthcare system, including the main lobbies, waiting rooms, gift shops and courtesy carts, as well as several behind the scenes departments.

Volunteen Program

Get a glimpse into the world of healthcare as an NCH VolunTeen.  Please visit our website in January 2022 to learn about a summer volunteer program for local high school students (ages 16-18).

Volunteer Locations

Downtown Baker Hospital
North Naples Hospital

Volunteer Resources

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