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One Heart Program

One Heart Program’s Mission

Preferred Care Home Health’s One Heart Program helps you manage your heart failure in the comfort of your home. Our mission is to keep patients out of the hospital. Your health and happiness are our primary objectives. Our knowledgeable and caring staff are here to help you every step of the way.

The Challenge

Did you know that patients with heart failure are one of the most common sources of hospital readmissions? Luckily, Preferred Care Home Health’s One Heart Program in partnership with NCH is a home healthcare program designed to keep patients out of the hospital and enjoying their life.

Our Solution

Preferred Care Home Health Services’ One Heart Program helps patients like you, who have been diagnosed with heart failure, to manage their health and improve the quality of their lives. A multidisciplinary team collaborates with physicians to provide an individualized plan to optimize disease management and aid in recovery through a comprehensive home healthcare program.

A Plan Tailored for You

Our One Heart Program is a comprehensive system that is created with your needs in mind.

  • Telehealth visits with our APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) and our experienced One Heart clinicians.
  • Daily secure text messaging with the One Heart team.
  • Routine in-person visits with our skilled cardiac registered nurses and physical therapists.
  • Virtual visits with our staff registered dietitian with a focus on low sodium diet options and development of customized meal plans based on your personal preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Daily biometric data retrieval (weight, temp, BP, HR, oxygen saturation) with heart failure survey screening utilizing the industry leader in remote patient monitoring technology.
  • Medication reconciliation and screening of GDMT (Goal Directed Medical Therapy) prescribed upon hospital discharge.
  • Education tailored to your individual needs including topics such as disease management, symptom awareness, community resources, medication education and low sodium diet education.
  • Save a trip to the lab. Our registered nurses can draw your blood for lab work from the comfort of your home.
  • When indicated, we can insert an intravenous line and administer intravenous Lasix or Bumex in the home.
  • We work closely with and send regular updates to your doctors.
  • Most importantly, we prevent unplanned hospitalizations.

Preferred Care Home Health Partnership

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