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Advanced Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is available to members and non-members at an additional cost. Fitness assessments are helpful in determining fitness levels, setting personal goals and developing effective exercise programs.

Advanced Fitness Assessment

Member $75  |  Non-member $120
This comprehensive assessment includes all tests offered, in additional to a consultation with a Wellness Specialist to establish training recommendations.

Sub Maximal Vo2

Member $45  |  Non-member $60
Determine cardiorespiratory fitness capacity, identify anaerobic threshold and establish an effective training heart rate range by measuring oxygen intake during sub-maximal (85%).

1-Rep Max Predictive Strength

Member $20  |  Non-member $35
Evaluate initial strength levels, monitor strength progress and make adjustments in strength routines.

Body Composition

Member $0  |  Non-member $10
Identify body composition from fat mass and lean mass.


Member $0  |  Non-member $10
Compare your sit and reach score to averages for your gender and age. Assess changes in flexibility over time.

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