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Women’s Health

NCH is committed to promoting good health among women and their families by providing them with the care and resources that empower them to improve their health and wellness through every stage of life. We ascribe to a high standard of excellence in women’s health, education and community outreach.

Breast Health Navigator

Breast cancer – the words can be shocking to hear. NCH has available a breast health navigator to assist patients in need. The navigator provides information and support to patients who have a suspicious finding or have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It helps remove barriers to care for patients.

More specifically the navigator does the following:

  • Helps patients with suspicious findings obtain a timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Keeps communication open with providers, caregivers and patients in order to coordinate services within NCH, outside facilities and the community.
  • Makes sure that patients get to follow-up appointments and are aware of and can access needed services.
  • Directs patients to local and national community resources.
  • Keeps in contact with patients while they are receiving care and tracks their progress.
  • NCH is a proud grantee of Susan G. Komen southwest Florida. Through their generous grant, NCH is able to assist women with screening mammograms, diagnostic testing and life-saving surgeries. Please see all that Susan G. Komen has to offer.

Robotic Hysterectomy

NCH has state of the art technology including the da Vinci Surgical System. NCH has performed more procedures with this technology than any other hospital in Southwest Florida. For most women, da Vinci Surgical System offers numerous potential benefits over traditional surgical approaches, including:

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Less risk of wound infection
  • Less blood loss
  • Less scarring

To learn more about the advantages of this technology and the physicians who utilize it, please visit da Vinci Surgical System. For additional information or any other billing-related questions, you may contact the business office at  239-624-6400 or  800-436-8454

Outpatient Rehab

The NCH Healthcare System offers outpatient rehabilitation specialty programs that address women’s health issues. Our skilled and compassionate therapists provide the following treatment programs:

Risk of fractures is oftentimes associated with osteoporosis. Upon receiving a referral from a physician, a physical therapist specialized in treating patients with osteoporosis, will perform a comprehensive evaluation and provide a customized treatment plan. The newly expanded program at NCH focuses on spinal alignment and posture, as well as flexibility, strength, mobility and balance. At the completion of treatment, education on osteoporosis, an appropriate home management plan and a progression to the NCH wellness center are primary goals.

Lymphedema is localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body. Lymphedema often occurs following breast cancer treatment, trauma to an extremity or when lymphatic vessels are impaired. Our experienced lymphedema therapist is certified in the Vodder technique. Treatment plans are based upon individual needs and may include Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

For more information on outpatient rehab services offered at NCH, contact  239-624-1600.