Maternity Services


We know the birth of your baby is an important and memorable experience and this time may bring some uncertainty. We want to continue to make this experience a positive one while focusing on the comfort and safety of you and your baby. Please review our COVID Birthplace Frequently Asked Questions and Answers by clicking the button below.

The NCH BirthPlace is the only comprehensive birthing center in Collier County with 3,600 births annually. We know that your pregnancy and the birth of your baby should be among the most memorable of experiences for you and your entire family.

For that reason, our comprehensive team of experienced obstetricians, perinatologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, nursing and professionals in the ancillary services are focused on comfort and safety for you and your baby.

We believe that quality is couched in our flexibility to involve you and your family in the decisions and choices throughout your experience, guiding you with our commitment to your health and that of your baby.

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NCH Maternity Services

OB Hospitalist Group and Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) at NCH North Naples Hospital

As of December 2021, NCH has partnered with the largest OB hospitalist provider in the nation, OB Hospitalist Group, to have an experienced team of Obstetric (OB) clinicians on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer collaborative, non-competitive support to the local OBs.

The team will also provide 24/7 emergency OB services through the new Obstetric Emergency Department (Obstetric ED) at NCH North Naples Hospital to ensure that every patient, regardless of physician association or time of day, is seen by an OB immediately should there be an emergency.

Outpatient Services

If you are referred by your OB physician to NCH for services not available in their office, such as a nonstress test, biophysical profiles, iron infusion, RhoGAM and betamethasone, an order will be required.

These services are by appointment only, please discuss with your obstetrician’s office staff to schedule it. NCH has an OB emergency department, if you arrive at our facility without an appointment, we are required by Federal EMTALA regulations to treat you as an emergency room patient.

To avoid this, please have an appointment and order from your OB physician.

Family-Centered Care

Featured Services Include:

  • Extensive childbirth education programs which cover a full array of classes for expectant parents, grandparents, siblings, C-section classes, infant care and infant CPR
  • Five triage rooms for labor checks, pre-admission visits, admissions, outpatient visits
  • Spacious private labor suites with state-of-the-art fetal monitoring
  • 24 hours on-site anesthesia/epidural service to manage labor comfort and to be available for emergencies
  • Surgical suites located within the BirthPlace for C-sections, with adjacent recovery area
  • Progressive care rooms for moms with complications during any point of her pregnancy or afterward
  • Extensive commitment to uninterrupted skin to skin for the full “golden hour” after both vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections to benefit both mom and baby
  • 18 bed Level II NICU with state of the art technology staffed with 24 hour on site neonatologists for babies with complications
  • Family centered care that encourages 24 hour rooming in for mom with her baby in the privacy of spacious rooms, where dad can also be comfortable in a sleeper chair, with wireless Internet connection and guest meals available
  • Family kitchen areas provide refrigerators and microwaves
  • Princess suites are even larger and include amenities and their own refrigerator and microwave (surcharge upon request for room)
  • Board certified lactation consultants and lactation certified nursing staff to encourage and support exclusive breast feeding and provide support while in the hospital
  • Dedicated social worker
  • On-site newborn hearing screening
  • Birth registrar
  • On-site newborn photography service
  • Maternal fetal medicine

Prenatal Classes

For more information on all of NCH’s prenatal class offerings and to register, click the button below.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Our prenatal breastfeeding class addresses the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Topics include proper latch and positioning, the establishment of your milk supply and common questions and concerns.

All the information you need to help you and your baby successfully breastfeed.

Lactation Services

The BirthPlace is a strong supporter of exclusive breastfeeding and the baby friendly initiative. Besides providing the best nutrition for your baby (extensive research has established that breast milk is the superior method of feeding your baby), it’s a wonderful way to bond with and comfort your baby. Breastfed babies receive immunities from their mothers and have a lower risk of SIDS, diabetes, obesity and asthma. Mothers who breastfeed will reduce their risk for both ovarian and breast cancer, and osteoporosis long term.

Our Lactation Center offers a full array of services to you and your family. 

Full-time lactation care and information throughout the week and rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

  • State-of-the-art 18 bed/bassinet unit providing family-centered care for premature and ill newborns.
  • Outpatient consultations for moms who need assistance after the hospital stay. (There is a fee for this service.)

Our lactation phone line: 239-624-6218 is checked by a lactation consultant every day of the week.

Pre-Registration / Admitting

In order to expedite the registration and billing process, we encourage you to take advantage of our pre registration process. You may preregister for your maternity services by visiting the BirthPlace at the North Naples Hospital on the second floor at the Mother Baby Unit desk.

The pre-registration process includes a maternity application, which will provide us with all of the necessary demographic and insurance information. We also request that a copy of a photo ID and insurance card (front and back) be provided.

For additional information or any other billing-related questions, you may contact the business office: 239-624-6400 or  800-436-8454.

The BirthPlace NICU

The NICU within the BirthPlace is the only neonatal intensive care unit in Collier County.

  • Provides state of the art and compassionate family-centered care for premature and ill newborns.
  • Has 24 hour day in house board certified neonatologist coverage (pediatricians who have extra training in taking care of premature and seriously ill newborns).
  • Staffed with neonatal ICU trained nurses and respiratory therapists.
  • Has pediatric pharmacy and pediatric dietary support, and a pediatric occupational therapy service with a certified feeding specialist.
  • Social service managers to assist you upon discharge.
  • Lactation support services are available after your discharge. Breast pumps are located in a private lactation suite within the NICU for your convenience.
  • Rooming-in support for parents prior to discharge.