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Neonatal ICU



The Neonatal ICU (NICU) within The BirthPlace is the only neonatal intensive care unit in Collier County that provides state-of-the-art and compassionate family-centered, developmentally supportive care for premature and ill newborns.

  • Has 24 hour day in house board certified neonatologist coverage (pediatricians who have extra training in taking care of premature and seriously ill newborns).
  • Staffed with neonatal ICU trained nurses and respiratory therapists.
  • Has pediatric pharmacy and pediatric dietary support, and a pediatric occupational therapy service with a certified feeding specialist. Occupational therapists also provide sensorimotor developmental assessment and intervention and have the capability to follow the babies in our out-patient pediatric rehab clinic.
  • Social service managers to assist you upon discharge.
  • Lactation support services are available after your discharge. Breast pumps are located in a private lactation suite within the NICU for your convenience.
  • Rooming-in support for parents prior to discharge.