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Lactation Services



The BirthPlace is a strong supporter of exclusive breastfeeding and the baby friendly initiative. Besides providing the best nutrition for your baby (extensive research has established that breast milk is the superior method of feeding your baby), it’s a wonderful way to bond with and comfort your baby. Breastfed babies receive immunities from their mothers and have a lower risk of SIDS, diabetes, obesity and asthma. Mothers who breastfeed will reduce their risk for both ovarian and breast cancer, and osteoporosis long term.

Our Lactation Center offers a full array of services to you and your family. 

Full-time lactation care and information throughout the week and rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

  • State-of-the-art 18 bed/bassinet unit providing family-centered care for premature and ill newborns.
  • Outpatient consultations for moms who need assistance after the hospital stay. (There is a fee for this service.)

Our lactation phone line: 239-624-6218 is checked by a lactation consultant every day of the week.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Our prenatal breastfeeding class addresses the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Topics include proper latch and positioning, the establishment of your milk supply and common questions and concerns.

All the information you need to help you and your baby successfully breastfeed.