Concierge Medicine

At NCH Concierge Medicine, we offer our patients a highly personalized health management and assessment program with an experienced primary care physician. Patients have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving comprehensive, state of the art medical care, which is tailored to their individual needs. Your physician will emphasize preventative care with nutrition and fitness counseling.

Personalized Care

The participating doctors will be accepting a limited number of patients to their panel. Appointments with your physician will be made promptly with same day access when necessary. Patients will be able to see their physician about any medical concern in an unhurried environment due to longer appointment times.

Enhanced access to your physician is provided via email, cell phone or text messaging. In addition to increased access and communication, your physician will help to coordinate and manage your health care needs with specialists either locally or out of town ensuring continuity of care. Your physician will also supervise or participate in your care should you need admission to one of the NCH hospitals.

Additional Benefits

  • Annual physical and health assessment
  • Physician access to Mayo and direct referrals
  • Access to NCH Wellness Center trainers, dietary consultation and education
  • NCH Wellness Center four month membership
  • Annual personal training sessions
  • Nutritional consultations 
  • Other benefits for our Moorings Park location