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Making permanent and significant weight loss more achievable. Severe obesity is among the most serious of health hazards. It can shorten an individual’s lifespan by 20 years and greatly reduce overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, most patients find that severe obesity is difficult to overcome; however, the good news is that weight loss surgery makes permanent and significant weight loss more achievable.

Advanced Surgical Technology

NCH’s physicians maintain expertise in advanced surgical technology. The use of robotics is integral to how we do great work and provide quality care for all of our patients. Learn more about Da Vinci’s surgical robots and their use in our bariatrics service line by clicking the button below.

Weight Loss Surgery​

Bariatric procedures offered by NCH dramatically improve the odds of a patient’s ongoing success in the battle against obesity. The weight-loss surgeries offered by NCH bariatrics can give severely obese patients the opportunity for a lifetime of improved health and happiness.


  • Cardiac risk >
  • Cancer risk >
  • Heart rate >
  • Diabetes >
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Breathing
  • Stroke risk >
  • Kidney disease risk >
  • Female fertility >
  • Sleep apnea >
  • GERD and other digestive problems >

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