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Blue Zones Project® was brought to Southwest Florida in 2015 by NCH with the goal of decreasing chronic disease and helping residents live longer, healthier and happier lives. To date, the project has impacted over 760 organizations and more than 275,000 individuals.

Blue Zones Project Southwest Florida is a community well-being initiative that works with individuals, homeowners associations, faith-based organizations, restaurants, grocery stores, schools and businesses in the community to help make healthy choices easier. The idea is to implement best practices and encourage small changes in the environment that have a profound effect on well-being over time.

This is done using National Geographic research that found nine commonalities among people around the world who live the longest and healthiest. These longevity hotspots are known as Blue Zones and the principles they follow are dubbed the Power 9®.

The Power 9 include best practices like; taking time in your day to do something you love in order to de-stress, spending quality time with friends and family, eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising and moving throughout the day, and finding and living your true purpose. By incorporating these practices into your life, you will notice the impact on your health and happiness over time.

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Blue Zones Project wants to engage the community through special events and activities designed to get people moving, discover and reconnect with their purpose, give back to their community through volunteering and increase socialization and companionship. Thanks to NCH Healthcare System all of our activities and events are completely free.

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Digital Well-Being

Blue Zones Project is now providing access to free tools and resources through the Sharecare online platform to help power your well-being.

Starting with the RealAge health assessment, each person – no matter where they are in their health journey – is provided a customized well-being plan, challenges and easy connection to information and evidence-based programs to help live their best (and youngest) life.