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NCH Neurosurgeon brings “Teddy the Bear” to life with Metal, for pediatric care

Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark B. Gerber, MD, known for saving lives at NCH Healthcare, showcases another talent on weekends: metal art. Bonding with his son during the pandemic, they learned welding. Dr. Gerber’s meticulous process, akin to surgery, yields intricate creatures. Notably, “Teddy the Bear,” a massive metal sculpture crafted from hospital equipment, stood out. It recently fetched $130,000 at a charity auction, benefiting pediatric care. The collaboration between NCH and Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital underscores their commitment to community health. Dr. Gerber aims to continue crafting for charitable causes, bringing joy to children in Southwest Florida. “Teddy the Bear” will soon grace NCH North Naples Hospital, symbolizing care and collaboration for generations to come. Read More >

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