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NCH NICU (March For Babies)

Join the NCH Mini Marchers team led by Cindy Mitchell & Denise Lombardi and become part of a powerful movement dedicated to transforming maternal and infant health outcomes. In the United States, childbirth remains perilous, particularly for women and babies of color, with one woman and two babies dying every hour from preventable complications. It’s time to change this narrative.

By joining March for Babies, you’re not just signing up for a walk—you’re joining a Mother of a Movement. Together, we will close the health equity gap and end preventable maternal and infant deaths. As a community, we UNITE, CONNECT, HONOR, and CARE for every family, striving to ensure a healthier future for all.

Don’t wait—join us today, fundraise for families, and be a part of the change. Let’s march towards a brighter, healthier tomorrow, one step at a time.

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