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Announcing: Virtual Classes Return

The NCH Wellness Center is pleased to announce the return of our virtual classes. 

Virtual Class FAQ

Do I need to install an app to view virtual classes?

Your computer might prompt you to install Webex once you’ve registered for a class. Follow the on-screen commands to install.

Do I need to sign-up for the same class each week?

No. Your registration for the class will continue as long as your membership remains active. Save the first registration approved email you receive. This will contain the link you need to join the class. We will occasionally send reminders.

I can view that class but I can’t hear it, why?

Ensure your audio output is switched to the device you are viewing the class on. You can do this by clicking the three dots on the bottom of the white toolbar.

2023_05_NCH Wellness Virtual Class

Which classes are virtual?

Virtual classes are underlined on the group fitness schedule. Availability of our virtual classes changes as each month’s group fitness schedule is released.

Do I need to register for a virtual class.

Yes. Registration is available until 24 hours prior to the class beginning.

How do I register for a virtual class?
  1. Go to our Schedules page
  2. Navigate to the Virtual Classes Section
  3. Click the class you want to attend
  4. Click “register”
  5. Enter your first and last name, your email and your NCH scantag number

Once your membership privileges are verified, you will be emailed a participation link to use the day of the class.


Contact Melissa Wilson, group fitness manager.

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