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What is MitraClip™?

MitraClip™ is a simple procedure to fix your mitral valve. During the procedure, doctors access the mitral valve with a thin tube (called a catheter) that is guided through a vein in your leg to reach your heart. A small implanted clip is attached to your mitral valve to help it close more completely. This helps to restore normal blood flow through your heart.

Why have 100,000+ people chosen MitraClip™?

  • SAVES LIVES – Relative risk reduction in mortality
  • FEWER HOSPITALIZATIONS – Relative risk reduction in heart failure hospitalization
  • FEEL BETTER – More likely to experience a large improvement in quality of life

Dr. Robert J. Cubeddu, of the NCH Healthcare System, leading the way in MitraClip™ procedures

The Heart Institute of NCH Healthcare System is proud to announce that our own Dr. Robert J. Cubeddu has performed the first minimally invasive transcatheter mitral valve repair in Collier County.

“This extraordinary procedure called MitraClip™ enables patients to have their leaky mitral valve repaired without the need of an open heart operation, patients get to go home the very next day,” said Dr. Cubeddu, President of the NCH Heart Institute and former Chairman of Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Dr. Cubeddu’s extensive training took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School in a unique subspecialty of cardiology called Structural Heart Disease. “Through the use of advanced catheter training we are able to safely navigate to the heart to repair and replace a multitude of heart conditions avoiding the need for surgery,” said Dr. Cubeddu.

The NCH Heart Institute of NCH Healthcare System is pleased to now offer availability for this innovative procedure to the local community and the greater Southwest Florida area. As a trained international physician proctor and having done hundreds of MitraClip™ and Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures, Dr. Cubeddu brings the highest level of expertise in the field. All of this is in accordance with our efforts to help deliver the sophisticated and quality level of care and attention that all of our patients deserve to have.

“It gives me great pleasure to care for our patients in the region, and to know that many will no longer have to travel for care,” said Dr. Cubeddu.

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